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후 1 - 300cc moderate plus
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후 4 - 375cc high profile

(6) 댓글

  • me
    megankomosa, 2018년 09월 04일, 03시 04분 07초 UTC

    What did you decide I am about the same size and want to go big too 375 looks good!!

  • pi
    pinklady518, 2018년 09월 13일, 21시 58분 12초 UTC

    Im def going to go 375cc. You live once! My doctor says ill be one of the tiniest framed persons he's done surgery on in his 35 years. I think it will work out. I hope. AGHHH

  • Ds
    Dst18, 2018년 11월 15일, 09시 05분 03초 UTC

    nice tummy and abs, lol.

  • pi
    pinklady518, 2018년 12월 27일, 17시 37분 28초 UTC

    Jan 3rd going into surgery. Decided 400cc HP mentor

  • en
    enigma, 2019년 01월 25일, 05시 15분 36초 UTC

    how did it go?

  • di
    dirty_dog_babe, 2019년 08월 27일, 10시 01분 48초 UTC

    Hope the surgery went well! How did it turn out?

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