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Before & After breast procedure

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After 1 - re. ERSF335 li. ERSF375
After 2 - L: ERSC-440 R: ERSC-475

Comments (6)

  • za
    zaba, January 24, 2019 18:50

    eins ist schöner, evtl wäre kleiner noch schöner weil es natürlicher wirken würde

  • ho
    hollie, July 09, 2019 17:48

    Dont need to do it, look great as you are

  • Ci
    Cisi, August 07, 2019 08:40

    You have such beautiful natural breasts. Don't change them.

  • je
    jeseasbs, August 09, 2019 06:19

    Keep them as they are!

  • st
    stolianna, August 19, 2019 23:22

    You should keep yours. Unnecessary risk in your case.

  • ge
    genuinejane, October 16, 2019 17:15

    you look great as you are

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ywi1991, Germany

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