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Before & After breast procedure

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After 1 - 435 cc extra high profile

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  • al
    allbella, December 07, 2017 03:22

    You should look into using moderate plus profile instead of ultra high. I was really wanting the cleavage and dr explained with all my extra chest bone space moderate plus is going to put my cleavage up higher on my chest instead of projecting outward. Just a thought. Size is preference. But shape can totally change everything

  • Mi
    Milkluvr, December 07, 2017 03:49

    This is an excellent choice and makes you look perfectly natural with a flawless figure!

  • ww
    www-ciana2011, December 07, 2017 08:32

    Thanks for your comment yes I think I want them more cleavage and higher but size is good

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