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Commenti (11)

  • ks
    ks0809, 13 luglio 2017 05:28

    Hi. Can I ask what size you ended up going with and what cup size you are now? I'm having my surgery soon, and I'm still trying to decide what size I should go with.

  • bu
    bubblegumm, 13 luglio 2017 06:24

    I haven't had my BA yet. I'm leaning towards 275cc as I don't want it too big and want natural look. ive done some research and the pictures from 275cc seem to look great, 350cc is a bit too big for me. Let me know what size are you thinking? Keep in touch.

  • ks
    ks0809, 13 luglio 2017 06:30

    Ahh, gotcha. Thank you! I'm leaning toward 300-350 I think. I also don't want to be too big. I want something that looks natural on my small frame. Ideally, I'd like to be a C cup in the end.

  • bu
    bubblegumm, 24 luglio 2017 03:36

    hi KS0809, have you had your surgery yet? if so, can you share with me the size you picked and the outcome? Thanks!

  • ks
    ks0809, 25 luglio 2017 06:21

    I haven't had it yet. It's scheduled for Wednesday! I'm a little nervous. I think I'm going with 350cc's.

  • bu
    bubblegumm, 25 luglio 2017 13:45

    good luck with your BA! let me know how it goes. Mine is on Friday and I'm nervous too. I'm sure yours will turn out looking great.

  • bu
    bubblegumm, 27 luglio 2017 00:37

    hey KS0809, thinking about you today. how did your surgery go? what size and profile did you go with?

  • ks
    ks0809, 27 luglio 2017 03:29

    Hey! Thanks for thinking of me! The surgery went well, but my chest is super sore and pretty stiff & swollen. I'll update you in a few days once the initial pain dies down, and after I'm allowed to remove the bra and shower. :) I ended up going with the 350cc's, and my doctor chose a high profile round silicone implant during the surgery. I'm excited to see how they'll turn out. Are you getting excited for yours? Friday is just right around the corner!

  • bu
    bubblegumm, 27 luglio 2017 03:36

    I'm glad to hear your surgery went well. Would you say it's hard to breath? I'm always afraid of having that feeling. I started getting a cold 2 days ago, now i'm all stuffy, coughing, having a headache but not taking any meds. Not sure if i'm allowed to get the surgery. I'm still undecided between 275 & 300. Please keep me updated to see how you like your 350 :) Fast recovery!

  • ks
    ks0809, 27 luglio 2017 04:22

    It was hard for me to breathe at first, after waking from the anesthesia, but it's gotten better throughout the day. It just hurts to take deep breaths, move my arms, or basically move or use any of my chest muscles. I'm assuming that's normal for the first few days, so just make sure you have someone to help you out. If your cold is really bad, I'd talk to your doctor about whether it would be a good idea to go through with surgery on Friday. The pain meds you'll be taking would probably help with the headache, but the coughing I'm guessing would hurt pretty bad after surgery. It hurts for me just to laugh or sneeze. So far, I think I really like the 350! I didn't want huge breasts since I'm so small, just an average natural size. I was aiming for a C cup, and my doctor thinks the 350cc's will put me in that range. We shall see! (: Keep me updated!

  • rh
    rholley1, 07 ottobre 2017 21:12

    I'm the same height and weight as you and wear a 32AA right now. How have you ended up liking the 350cc's? That's the same size I decided on for my surgery in November. I also want to stay natural looking since my frame is so small, but I'm also nervous about wishing I had gone bigger in the future! Are you happy with the size?

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