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후 1 - srm 240
후 2 - srm 255
후 3 - srm 275

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  • jo
    johanne-amundsen, 2017년 03월 16일, 14시 03분 13초 UTC

    No I dont think so, I actually liked 275 best. And I think you could also have 300 or 325. maybe you should ask for those in 3D before you decide.

  • ph
    philip-turton, 2017년 07월 20일, 20시 56분 41초 UTC

    You do have quite a broad empty breast and you will not get much fullness with a 255. You nipple position is a little low so you do have to be careful with just correcting the emptiness with bigger implants that the nipple doesn't look to low on the breast afterwards. Go for further simulation with something that is full projection around 320, and chat all of this through.

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