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After 1 - 375 anatomico
After 2 - 295 anatomica
After 3 - 365 redonda
After 4 - 335 ANATOMICA

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  • rd
    rdp, September 10, 2016 01:09

    After checking on the Allergan website, which would be the recommended provider of my future breast implants, I found out the measurements for all three options: 1. Anatomic/Teardrop 375cc (STYLE 410MF) Width: 13.0cm / Height: 12.1cm / Projection: 5.2cm 2. Anatomic/Teardrop 295cc (STYLE 410MF) Width: 12.0cm / Height: 11.1cm / Projection: 4.8cm 3. Round 360 cc (STYLE MSZ10) Diameter: 13.4cm / Projection: 3.7cm (I couldn't find 365cc on the catalog) I'm also considering this other option, in between option 1 and 2: 4. Anatomic/Teardrop 335cc (STYLE 410MF) Width: 12.5cm / Height: 11.6cm / Projection: 5.1cm

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