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  • sa
    sacas22, April 19, 2016 01:31

    Ideally, I'd rather have a mod+ implant because I hear they look more natural. However, my surgeon says that because of my petite size/small ribcage, the biggest I could go with mod+ is 325cc's. If I want any bigger than that (and I do), I have to do a high profile. Please help me out. Btw I'm 5'2 and a small B, trying to get to as close to a D as possible without the super fake "beach ball chest" look.

  • Ba
    Bafallenangel32, April 20, 2016 00:12

    My PS won't alow me to go higher than 325 and we have the same measurements. Check out my images

  • Na
    Nad, April 25, 2016 03:25

    to my opinion the best result is 325 mod +

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