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원하시는 가슴확대술 시뮬레이션에 투표하세요.
후 1 - 650
후 2 - 450 with lift
후 3 - 425 with lift
후 4 - 400 with lift

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  • Br
    BronteBeach, 2015년 12월 15일, 13시 23분 53초 UTC

    It depends on wether you want a lift or not. I like the one with the lift or the 550 without lift. But it really depends on what you want^^

  • De
    Deeanna, 2016년 02월 27일, 22시 43분 51초 UTC

    I think that the first option gives a more natural look because of the relaxed slope. I personally would prefer that to the scarring of the lift, but it just depends on your personal preference, whether you wIll be satisfied with them being more full, or whether you want them to be really perky as well.

  • fi
    finisterra, 2016년 05월 04일, 11시 10분 47초 UTC

    nachher 1 am besten

  • ca
    carolynjdaniels, 2016년 05월 20일, 18시 27분 10초 UTC

    number 4 more natual

  • do
    doxynurse, 2016년 05월 21일, 16시 36분 58초 UTC

    I cannot see the front view?

  • do
    doxynurse, 2016년 05월 21일, 16시 40분 46초 UTC

    Ok, I can see it now, I think the 400 cc one is best

  • us
    user-k5cfo, 2017년 07월 13일, 11시 03분 38초 UTC

    650 more natural viens if I would put less than 650 but without lift for sure

  • Cl
    Cleo44, 2018년 10월 24일, 19시 29분 39초 UTC

    Go with the smaller implant and a lift. I’d even consider a smaller then 400. Like a 325. Your petite so you want it natural.

  • ga
    garnowd, 2018년 11월 07일, 19시 58분 48초 UTC

    Please let me know which you went for? 400 with lift im hoping x

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