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After 1 - 325cc moderate plus - dual plane #1
After 2 - 350cc moderate plus - dual plane #2
After 3 - 375 moderate plus - dual plane #3
After 4 - 400cc high profile - dual plane #5

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  • ga
    gal573, November 18, 2015 03:11

    Nice options you have!! As I have writen in another profile selecting the appropriate size is very important decision but also where to place the implant and it's projection, so be sure you are confident about your decision and go for it! good luck girl!

  • an
    ang1993, November 19, 2015 01:59

    i'd go with option 4, everyone that I've talked to always says they wish they would have gone bigger, then they end up getting a second BA done. just go as big as you really want to the first time

  • vo
    vote4nixon, November 20, 2015 15:11

    All options look great! I prefer 3 or 4 just because it fills in the middle more. It's a personal preference I think closer together mimics natural breasts. Good luck im debating in between 400 or 450

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