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Comments (6)

  • ga
    gal573, November 02, 2015 03:46

    I appreciate little difference between 300 and 325, they both look really well, the size and shape are very nice on you, 350 is great too. it seems EVERYONE gets 'boob greed' especially after any swelling goes down and another catch phrase that I often read is 'I wish I went bigger' or 'I could've easily gone bigger' and 'they don't look like they're a xyz cup on me'. Have you got consultation booked to discuss sizing and profiles with the surgeon?

  • AZ
    AZ33, November 03, 2015 21:29

    I have had a consult already and my surgery is book for the end of December. I am only 4'11" and about 105lbs so I want to make sure that the size I choose isn't too big. I want it to look natural and not like "someone who has had a boob job". I realize that I will defiantly look different but I want it to be subtle. I have a tiny frame so I don't want the size to be huge. Thank you so much for your input!

  • Br
    BronteBeach, November 22, 2015 23:58

    Hi, I am only 1,45 m (so I think this is 5 cm smaller then you) and I had 300cc and it does look great! So don't choose your size because you are afraid it could look too big on your small body! (even though I had the same consernes of course^^) I think your after 3 and after 2 look great on you! Hope it helps with your desicion! xx

  • AZ
    AZ33, November 26, 2015 17:18

    Thank you for your input! It's hard finding info on women who are small in height and frame. It seems as though everyone is 5'5" or above! I'm leaning towards the 300cc as I do feel like that is pretty natural looking on me.

  • Br
    BronteBeach, November 29, 2015 22:16

    I know exactly what you mean! Thats great :) I think you will be very happy with this! Let me know how it goes!

  • ck
    ck, November 30, 2015 14:15

    I am about your size and about to undergo the same procedure. I believe the 250cc looks very natural on you. If you look at "ck", I favor the 245cc for myself. I was considering the 300cc but my doctor advised the small one to fit my petite frame. I just want that youthful look (again) not to go for the "hey look at my fake boobs". It's all about how you feel when you slip the shirt over your bra and what appearance you want to show off.

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