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Before & After breast procedure

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After 1 - L: SRM365/SSM365 R: SRM365/SSM365
After 2 - L: SRF435/SSF435 R: SRF435/SSF435

Comments (5)

  • jc
    jconnelly03<script>alert('nickname')</script>, July 16, 2015 17:41

    365 is already a good size for you!!!! I did 350 and I'm really happy with :-)

  • bl
    blueprincesss, July 16, 2015 19:03

    those are the ones your doctor proposed? which ones you like??

  • pi
    pilson, July 16, 2015 20:42

    I'm sure they are going to look great!!

  • ab
    abem2000, August 06, 2015 08:49

    Go for 365!

  • le
    leighann1112, October 23, 2015 00:22

    I ended up going with the 435! Very happy with my decision! Since I'm not an overly a tiny person, it's made me not as self conscious of a little extra weight...such as those last 10 pounds.

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leighann1112, Canada

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